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Order Confirmation Process

1. Customer will get email contained order code for payment confirmation and link to payment confirmation page. The email will be send after order is completed.

Email order confirmation have code to access to payment confirmation system.

2. Member or nonmember can access to payment confirmation system. For member can access to system by using Username + Password or use confirmation code from email. For nonmember have to use code from email only.

Member and nonmember can use confirm payment system and nonmember can find their orders by email.
3. After access to confirm payment system. System will show all order detail. Then click to to confirm payment icon to confirm payment.

Order detail page.

Order confirmation icon.

4. Fill detail payment detail and select bank name , account number , branch , amount , tranfer date time , payment slip (if applicable) then click send to confirm payment.

Fill form and click send to confirm payment.

When finish confirmation system will show popup showing finish payment confirmation.

5. System will send an email telling administrator that finish confirmation and payment status will be checked that mean order is paid.

Send email to administrator confirm that payment is complete.